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Clean Water for All


In 2011, the Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation began supporting a clean water initiative for Promise Home, a self-sustaining orphanage project in El Portillo, Honduras.  Honduras is a democratic republic of 7.6 million people located in Central America bordering Guatemala and Nicaragua. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere where over 50% of the people live below the poverty line. Each day the people of Honduras are faced with poverty, violence, death, and disease. 
Due to a lack of infrastructure, water must be collected from a nearby, often polluted river and because of a lack of sanitation and filtration resources, the water of El Portillo is frequently contaminated with mud, pesticides and deadly pathogens, such as cholera and e.coli. These pathogens can cause severe illness and even death, especially in children.  Water collection is often dangerous and weather permitting. It is estimated that nearly as many as one-fifth of the world’s people lack safe drinking water and nearly 6,000 children die every day as a result of unsafe drinking water. 
Because of the efforts of the Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club, two water filters were installed in 2012 at the Promise Home site so water can be filtered in order to make it safer, but our project doesn’t stop here. The goal of the Frisco Sunrise Rotary is to provide Promise Home and the people of El Portillo a permanent source of safe drinking water through the installation of a water well and the provision of sanitation plumbing with an advanced filtration system.
We need your help to accomplish our goal of providing clean water and to Help Honduras. Please consider a donation to this project in order to support our efforts. To help, you can fill out the donation form below to donate today or mail payment to: The Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, 901 Waterfall Way, Suite 205, Richardson, TX  75080. For more information email Jennifer Kimble at

Pila Replacement Project


What is a Pila?

Pila means a water collection unit. Typically found in rural Central America, pilas are often made of concrete and are typically a families only way to have a source of water in their homes as access to indoor plumbing is limited. Pilas are important to families because they're often used for drinking and washing for the family. Pilas are often uncovered and are prone to mosquito and other pest infestation. These infestations are likely to cause illness such as bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever. Each year, thousands of Hondurans, of which many are children, die due to these deadly illnesses.
Pilas are found in El Portillo, Honduras and as part of our Help for Honduras clean water project there, the Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club will be working to replace existing pilas with quality pilas in order to provide a safe way to retain and use water for the people of El Portillo. You, your church, or business can participate in this pila replacement project by sponsoring a pila! For more information about sponsoring a pila, contact Jennifer Kimble via emai at or by phone at 214.770.4485. 


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